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Updates on Campus-wide Emergencies

In the event of a campus-wide emergency, updates will be provided.

In Case of an Emergency

University Police, located at the rear of Bullock Hall, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you discover an emergency situation on campus, immediately perform all of the following steps, as appropriate:

  • Call on-campus extension 7575. Cell phone or off-campus phone dial 1-508-793-7575 (program this number in your telephone or cell phone).
  • If phone lines are down, send a runner to University Police, located at the rear of Bullock Hall.
  • Remain calm when speaking to the dispatcher.
  • Give your name, location, and description of the emergency.
  • Tell the dispatcher if an ambulance or medical assistance is needed.

Important Resources

University Police
1-508-793-7575 or via any emergency phone on campus.

Health Services

Center for Counseling and Personal Growth

University Police

Clark University Police Department officers are Massachusetts State Special Police Officer-certified and police academy-trained. They enforce all federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and University policies within the jurisdictional areas allowed by the law.

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Safety and Threat Assessment Team

Clark’s Safety Intervention Team helps manage situations where students, staff, or faculty are displaying disruptive or threatening behaviors that potentially endanger their own or others’ health and safety.

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ClarkRIDE provides transportation to students who need rides to and from the Clark campus area.

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Environmental Health and Safety

Clark’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety provides safety and environmental training, environmental and safety resource materials, and safety and environmental equipment for all laboratory and hazardous work applications.

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Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors provide in-person, public relations support to the campus community, assist various student-facing departments and staff, and alert the appropriate department to any safety and security concerns.

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Clark ALERTS Emergency Notification

The Clark ALERTS emergency notification system is set up to contact students, faculty, and staff through texts, phone calls, and emails.

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Read Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Reports

Contact Information

Emergency Management and Campus Assistance

Safety and Security Contacts
  • University Police
    Bullock Hall, Basement

  • Health Services
    501 Park Avenue

  • Facilities Management
    501 Park Avenue

Other Resources
  • Environmental Health and Safety
    Arthur M. Sackler Sciences Center

  • Campus Ambassadors

  • Center for Counseling and Personal Growth
    114 Woodland Street